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Sole to Mind System Workshop

Register today for the Sole to Mind System Workshop and join other like-minded business owners, professionals and leaders who are ready to commit to personal, professional, and virtual success. 

What to expect?

Define your unique personal, professional, and virtual Sole Brand alignment, and then learn how the to use the Mind Muscle system to harness the mind’s connection to the systems of the body expressed through Mindful Moments in Movement to maximize life experience. 

Who will benefit?

If you are someone that needs a retreat, tune up or time to recalibrate if life has become too stressful – this program will assist you in claiming focus.

  • Those who know the benefits of quieting their minds but could use an active approach.
  • Professionals who help others in life planning i.e. career counselors, teacher, coaches, leaders of teams and anyone who helps others succeed. 
  • Business Owners, Professionals – great time to pause and check in with goals. Information learned will assist in becoming an empowered and effective leader. 

Next steps?

  • Are you ready? Register Now.
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For additional  Sole To Mind System Workshop information check out our  FAQs.  


The Footprints Forward Program is a solution that aligns the universal law of attraction to the measurable structure of the workplace performance appraisal process, to attract brand alignment and achieve professional, virtual, and personal success. 

Core concepts; 

  • Identity Armageddon - what it is and why so many of us still feel lost within a prosperous life
  • Who are you? Document your personal, professional, and virtual profiles - values, descriptors and skills/interests
  • Who do you want to be? Define your Sole Brand 
  • Action – Ignite your Sole – is the application of the Footprints Forward Program core concepts into action through the Workplace Lifespace Planner #igniteyoursole

Participant outcomes of workshop; 

  • Overcome areas of identity frustration by creating clarity and alignment in who you are
  • Define your Sole Brand
  • Apply these insights throughout various channels – resume/career documents, social media profiles, and personal engagements
  • Create specific goals and action plans for your future aligned with who you want to be


The Mind Muscle system is all that you are physically and energetically integrated into alignment through movement in order to maximize life experience.  

Core concepts; 

  • Baseline state - the systems of the body
  • Expansion and contraction – how the body responds to an experience based on its perception of control or stress
  • Negative or positive expression through the 6 senses, based on perception – Sight, Taste, Touch, Smell, Hearing, Intuition
  • Mindful Movement – the choice or chance decisions that we make to create life experience
  • Action - Mind Muscling - is the application of the Mind Muscle systems core concepts in daily life to find mindful moments in movement

Participant outcomes of workshop; 

  • Alter unconscious thinking created through your senses into positive thoughts  
  • Modify your relationship with yourself, others, experiences, and food 
  • Shift your perception of stress
  • Acquire greater awareness of mindful moments in movement #mindmuscling

For additional  Sole To Mind System Workshop information  check out our  FAQs.

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