Dedicated Goals

Amanda is very dedicated lady who takes her job, company and her current tasks seriously. She is committed to deliver a product that will make her clients very proud. The unique thing about Amanda, she never looks at her job as a complete job after rendering the service. She keeps in touch with encouragements, advice, and whatever she can do to help her clients achieve their targeted goal. This is a very rare quality in any person and I am very proud to call Amanda as a friend. - DH  

Mission & Meaning

Amanda has created a company that is focused on goals and development. The services that her company provides have an undeniable value. Amanda cared...sincerely about what I wanted to do and DID NOT let me settle for a job outside of my goals. I feel like I would've paid her double for this end result. She took coaching me thru my own development very seriously. I am eternally grateful to have found a company with such a strong mission and meaning. -MM  

Conscious Healing

Alex's Mind Muscle program has opened the doors for a conscious healing process that involves the physical and mental aspects in oneself. It has given me the tools and the understanding to know that everything comes from within. - FE

Health & Happiness

Alex will kick your mind into shape! Our body is only a reflection of what is really going on in the mind. What we perceive as our life is a composition of thoughts and stories we tell ourselves constantly. Our beliefs are only those thoughts we keep in repeat in our heads and CAN be changed. Mind Muscle teaches us to focus on the positive thoughts that will build us up and strengthen us, inside AND out. Health and happiness are always available to us, all we have to do is decide to flow with it. - DH