Sole to Mind System Creators

Define your unique personal, professional, and virtual Sole Brand alignment, and then learn how the to use the Mind Muscle system to harness the mind’s connection to the systems of the body expressed through Mindful Moments in Movement to maximize life experience.  

Amanda Svedarsky - Facilitator

Footprints Forward Program, Goals, Action Planner

Amanda is the creator of the Footprints Forward Program and she brings over 15 years of experience in the corporate sector that provides her a broad perspective to guide others in their careers. Her focus is to ignite individuals to recognize their unique skills, interests, and values to put in motion an action plan for who they want to be.  

Alex Svedarsky - Facilitator

Mind Muscle, mindfulness

 Alex is the creator of the Mind Muscle system and has over 30 years of experience as a master trainer and wellness studio owner within the health and wellness industry. His focus is to shift the perception of the pathway to happiness for his clients by providing them techniques to find mindful moments through movement. 



Footprints Forward Program & Mind Muscle

The Sole to Mind System is the intersection of two action-based wellness solutions – the Footprints Forward Program and the Mind Muscle system - created in parallel a half of a world apart by a brother and sister pair. Originally created over a decade ago by Amanda Svedarsky to help individuals in career and/or life transition, the Footprints Forward Program can be used by both individuals and practitioners to bring alignment to their individual/client’s personal, professional, and virtual identities and brands. Alex Svedarsky has owned and operated InBalance Fitness studios, a personal training and wellness facility in Costa Rica, for over 20 years. After experiencing a steady stream of financially successful, but at times imbalanced clients – Alex created the Mind Muscle system in order to help his clients shift their perception of the pathway to happiness. 


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