The Footprints Forward Program

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Footprints Forward Program

 The Footprints Forward Program is a solution that aligns the universal law of attraction to the measurable structure of the workplace performance appraisal process, to attract brand alignment and achieve professional, personal, and virtual success. 

If you are a professional responsible for guiding others on their path - the Footprints Forward Program is a powerful tool and resource to use with clients/practitioners, students, or employees who are looking to make extraordinary changes.


Sustainable Solution

 The Footprints Forward Program assists clients/practitioners, students, or employees in the following discovery:

  • Identity Armageddon - what it is and why so many of us still feel lost within a prosperous life
  • Who are you? Document your professional, personal, and virtual profiles  - values, descriptors and skills/interests
  • Who do you want to be? Define your Sole Brand 
  • Action – Ignite your Sole – is the application of the Footprints Forward Program core concepts into action through the Workplace Lifespace Planner  

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Resounding Results

 The Footprints Forward Program has been designed to assist clients/practitioners, students, and employees to

  • Overcome areas of identity frustration by creating clarity and alignment in who you are
  • Define your Sole Brand
  • Apply these insights throughout various channels – resume/career documents, social media profiles, and personal engagements
  • Create specific goals and action plans for your future, aligned with who you want to be

The Footprints Forward Program is ideal for;

  • Connecting students to career choices
  • Engaging employees beyond the performance review
  • Creating lasting impact with coaching clients

Are you ready to get started or learn more? Reach out and schedule an information session to learn more about the Footprints Forward Program.


The Footprints Forward Program

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